Friday, July 16, 2010

Living just enough for the city

So this summer has seen it's share of excitement and boredom.

I'm currently working for my favorite organization in the world, MEOR. The MEOR Foundation was responsible for the trip I went on in summer 2008 when I was first looking into Judaism. In hindsight it was the most life changing experience for me.

At the time I never could have foreseen it, but as fate would have it I am now working for them full time this summer. It's still a small organization so I have several large areas of work to accomplish and they might bleed into my second year of Machon Shlomo.

The key goal is to really get MEOR out in the world more. It's the best kept secret of the last 4 years, and we're trying to generate much more exposure through use of social media.

We've completely revamped our facebook presence:

And we're looking to expand the community dialogue through this and other channels. There's so much work to be done, and there are just so few people on hand to do it. That's part of the fun too though, because I get to see the product of my labor and know that I'm making a significant contribution.

More as we move along.


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