Friday, December 25, 2009

odds and ends

Life is spread pretty thin these days, but I've never enjoyed myself more. In college, I would force myself to get up in the mornings because I felt guilty if I slept past 8:30. These days when I wake up at 6, and I can't wait to get going (after I shrug off the sleep).

It takes some getting used to, and to help me help myself take care of everything that I want to do during the week I've made myself a schedule which I hold to pretty consistently. Easier than typing it all up, I just took some pictures (for those who can't read Hebrew, I'm sorry. And for those who can't read my handwriting, I'm also sorry).

During Sukkot I thought it would be a great idea to make a bonsai tree out of an Etrog (citron). So I bought one in Meah Shaarim and have been watering the seeds diligently. I've been rewarded with three sprouts.

I've also started training to become a Sofer (a writer of Jewish scrolls like the mezuzah, tefillin, and the Sefer Torah). It's fun to learn, and a good way to relax and still be productive. I like the idea of channeling artistic passions into the focused calligraphy of Judaism. The other idea is to really make Judaism a part of me, and make myself part of its ongoing tradition.

After Hannukah we must burn all the wicks used in the oil menorahs (we're not allowed to simply throw away something that was for a mitzvah).

Here's of a sketch of my latest art project:

And for those who knew me when, a proof that some things don't change.

Take care.
Kol tuv.


  1. That picture warms my heart :-)

  2. I am envious of your well scheduled life. Have you opened any of your cereal boxes lately to find a different cereal bag inside? =P I'll take your recommendation on Arcadia seriously since I've just recently finished reading my first fiction piece in 6 years and I think i might be ready for another.